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O. (416)-443-9000

Graham F. Alloway (BA. LLB. Hons.) is the founder of Alloway Property Group Ltd. as well as the law firm Alloway and Associates Professional Corporation; a distinguished firm with over twenty-five years of experience in the areas of real estate, banking and finance, bankruptcy and insolvency and corporate restructuring.

The creation of Alloway Property Group was the logical extension for a legal practice with comprehensive work in real estate matters. When clients requested legal and real estate services to be provided on a combined basis for a single fee, Graham Alloway and his team devised a solution.

Graham Alloway has an expertise in both residential and commercial portfolios, which includes a unique approach to deal structure, purchase and sale of property and site development.

In addition to real estate and legal interests, Graham Alloway has and continues to serve on corporate and charitable boards and is involved in residential and commercial land development projects, hydroelectric development, management of commercial beef and livestock operations and management and investment in oil and gas exploration.

The ideal consort in business and real estate negotiations, Graham Alloway participated in the drafting of the Canada Small Business Financing Act (CSBFA).

This degree of exposure and experience has resulted in an extensive network available to clients interested in buying, selling, financing, building, and investing in real estate.

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